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Eco Surf Shop

your ethical choice in the Surf market

Discover now the best eco friendly brands:

Eco Surf Shop
Our materials

Let's find together the surf materials of the future:

Neoprene Limestone Yamamoto ®

Its processing that no longer takes place with agents deriving from oil.

Yulex ®

It is a renewable rubber obtained from Havea trees.


Extract from wheels and bushings of the automotive industry.


it comes from algae and can be recycled as organic waste.


The bark of the cork tree, waterproof and best grip made by nature.


All our packages are made of recycled cardboard.

The goal of the Eco Surf project is to share with our users the possibility of finding ecological products dedicated to the world of water sports.

We will help you to find the right equipment

These brands share our philosophy with us by inserting products made from Eco-friendly materials (recycled or completely natural).


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